John J. York & Tyler Christopher

On Sunday, September 22, I took a ride down to Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club in Pt. Pleasant, a frequent stop for the General Hospital cast members. Today’s event featured longtime male stars John J. York (Mac Scorpio) & Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine). Tyler’s visited NJ many times in the past (this was the third time I’ve seen him out here), but for John, this was a rare appearance. The guys did a Q&A that lasted for over an hour, and then began the autograph & photo session. Legendary soap photographer Jim Warren took a great photo of John & Tyler that many of the fans in attendance bought. Thanks again to Dino from UV’s and to Linda & Paula at Coastal Entertainment for another great event as usual.

Tyler & John

Tyler & John





Tyler & John

Tyler & John


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2 responses to “John J. York & Tyler Christopher”

  1. timothy michael walton says :

    yes it was a fun event today as all of gh events down at uncles comedyclub

  2. blessedbrother says :

    Today’s GH last scene had the biggest “what the” moment this year in my opinion! Thx for sharing!

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