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Roger Howarth ~ Part 2

Today’s event was one I have been awaiting since the day Linda Rohe had begun teasing it. Roger Howarth at Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club in Point Pleasant, NJ, one of my favorite venues. As my regular readers know, I attended Roger’s Friday night event in CT, but that did not stop me from attending this event as planned.

The event began promptly at 10 AM and Roger entered the room to much fanfare. My first “AWESOME” moment of the day, Roger looked in my direction and said, “Hey! Eric!” Having only met the guy once, this was kind of a big deal. Some of the GH actors will look at fans they’ve met dozens of times and ask for their name.

Our table was in the section of the room that was called to go up and meet Roger first. I think he signed everything the fans put down in front of him, and he posed for tons and tons of photos. He even took some selfies.


Cannot stress enough how much of a gentleman Roger is. I wish all fans had taken advantage of this rare opportunity. It was well worth waiting many years to finally meet him.

After the meet and greet, Roger took no break and headed right to the stage where he did another humorous Q&A. Like Friday night’s show, Roger was brutally honest (in a positive way) and the fans walked away saying it was one of the best events ever.

As we filed out of the venue, Roger stood at the door and gave a thank you and took one last photo with each and every fan. A HUGE THANK YOU to Linda Rohe of Coastal Entertainment and Dino Ibelli of Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club for bringing Roger to his first fan event in 23 years. They are not just great people and friends, they are MIRACLE WORKERS!!!


Roger Howarth ~ Part 1

What was one of the most anticipated General Hospital fan events of 2016 is now taking place in full swing, Roger Howarth has returned to fan events after a 23 year absence. Last night, he was up at Treehouse Comedy Club in Trumbull, CT. I wasn’t sure what my work schedule would be like this weekend, so I bought tickets to both his CT event and his NJ event. I lucked out and get to attend both, so this will be Part #1 of 2.

Roger Howarth is the cast member who you could probably compare most to Willy Wonka. He’s mysterious, unknown, rumors swirl as to why he vanished from the event circuit. Well, let me put them all to rest and say that he presented himself like an old pro. He never once let on that he was shy or showed any sense of awkwardness. He got up there and did one hell of a Q&A. He was brutally honest and the fans loved it. There was never any sugarcoating the bullshit or praising himself or the series. He admitted and mocked his own flaws. It’s rare that you will see an actor do that.

After the Q&A, Roger posed for photos and signed autographs. He seemed genuinely interested in the fans, asking questions about our lives, careers, where we came from, etc. There were 80 or so people at the event, many who had traveled long distances, such as Florida, Michigan, and even Canada.


Roger Howarth ~ To us General Hospital fans, he’s Franco; for One Life to Live fans, he’s Todd; As the World Turns fans see him as Paul; and others will recognize him from Loving, Dawson’s Creek, and The Flash. When I told Roger he was one of the few GH cast members I had yet to meet, he said, “Sorry to keep you waiting all these years!” To which I replied that it was well worth the wait.

Thanks to Brad at Treehouse and Linda from Coastal Entertainment for arranging this great event. I am looking forward to Sunday’s event at Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club, and will be sure to post again.

Kate Hudson

On Wednesday, February 17, I made a spur of the moment decision to go over to Bookends, the NJ staple, to see actress Kate Hudson, who was doing a 7:30 signing for her new book, Pretty Happy. Hudson, the Golden Globe winning actress, has starred in Almost Famous, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Raising Helen, The Skeleton Key, You, Me and Dupree, Fool’s Gold, and Bride Wars.

I got to the store around 4:35 and after catching up with the staff, I joined the line. As of 5:00, I was #20 in line with just a handful of people behind me. The line, which had formed outside, was quickly brought inside, and we got comfortable. Luckily, I was surrounded by friends as we waited, and waited, and waited.

Kate came down at 7:50 and promptly begun signing and taking photos. I believe they expected 300 people, and 500 showed up. Kate was great though, she signed and posed for photos with everyone, and she even shared a few sentences with everyone. It was not a cattle run by any means. It was efficient and fans walked away happy.


Kate Hudson ~ I’ve been told Kate is tough street meet, rarely posing or signing, but damn, was she amazing this night. It was a huge crowd and everyone seemed happy. Well worth the wait.

A special thanks to Walter and the staff of Bookends. This was certainly one of the best signings I have ever attended there.

Ladies of General Hospital

My new job has taken over the time I once had to update the blog, but it has not however, taken me away from autograph signings and events. On January 31st, I headed down to one of my favorite venues, Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club, NJ’s home to the soap stars. I believe this was the third or fourth January event that Dino & Linda have held with a core group of leading ladies from General Hospital. This year, attending stars were emcee Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos), Maura West (Ava Jerome), Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones), and Emme Rylan (Lulu Spencer-Falconeri).

Events at Uncle Vinnie’s are always fun and stress free. This day was no exception. The venue was packed, but with four actresses circling the tables, the meet and greet went by fast. Emme & Kirsten were absolutely terrific, Laura was good at this point, but Maura was a tad grouchy. Autographs and photo ops were met with sighs and eye rolls. Not sure what she thought she was signing up for.


Laura Wright (Carly) ~ Laura is one of the stars whom I’ve probably met at least a dozen times. I never need more than a photo op, so I quickly get through with her so the newer attendees can spend time with her.


Maura West (Ava) ~ Maura takes a great photo, but don’t let it fool you. She did not want to be there and that was made clear with her constant sighing and eye rolling.


Emme Rylan (Lulu) ~ What can be said about this lovely young lady that I haven’t said in the past? She takes so much time with the fans and shows such a genuine interest, I’m surprised she still isn’t at the venue chatting away.


Kirsten Storms (Maxie) ~ Kirsten got such a bad rap for years, but honestly, the last few years of her doing events, she has been an absolute angel. She’s one of the few stars who I will line up for and go see every time she does an event.


After the meet & greet, the ladies took the stage for the Q&A. Well, make that 3 of the ladies. Laura, who emceed the event, didn’t like that Kirsten had a higher chair, so she put it on the floor next to the stage and made Kirsten sit there. I found that to be quite insulting. Laura, who at this point had polished off a few too many Budweiser’s, just came across as rude and nasty, interrupting her costars’ responses and snapping at the fans. As I said above, I’ve met this woman at least a dozen times and never saw her act like that. For this reason, I was pretty glad when the Q&A was over.


Laura Wright (Carly) ~ Laura is one of the stars whom I’ve probably met at least a dozen times. I never need more than a photo op, so I quickly get through with her so the newer attendees can spend time with her.

Overall, another nice day was had at Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club. A huge thanks to Dino at UV’s and Linda from Coastal Entertainment for bringing in the GH stars for yet another great event. As for the ladies, I hope to see Emme & Kirsten back in the future.