Roger Howarth ~ Part 1

What was one of the most anticipated General Hospital fan events of 2016 is now taking place in full swing, Roger Howarth has returned to fan events after a 23 year absence. Last night, he was up at Treehouse Comedy Club in Trumbull, CT. I wasn’t sure what my work schedule would be like this weekend, so I bought tickets to both his CT event and his NJ event. I lucked out and get to attend both, so this will be Part #1 of 2.

Roger Howarth is the cast member who you could probably compare most to Willy Wonka. He’s mysterious, unknown, rumors swirl as to why he vanished from the event circuit. Well, let me put them all to rest and say that he presented himself like an old pro. He never once let on that he was shy or showed any sense of awkwardness. He got up there and did one hell of a Q&A. He was brutally honest and the fans loved it. There was never any sugarcoating the bullshit or praising himself or the series. He admitted and mocked his own flaws. It’s rare that you will see an actor do that.

After the Q&A, Roger posed for photos and signed autographs. He seemed genuinely interested in the fans, asking questions about our lives, careers, where we came from, etc. There were 80 or so people at the event, many who had traveled long distances, such as Florida, Michigan, and even Canada.


Roger Howarth ~ To us General Hospital fans, he’s Franco; for One Life to Live fans, he’s Todd; As the World Turns fans see him as Paul; and others will recognize him from Loving, Dawson’s Creek, and The Flash. When I told Roger he was one of the few GH cast members I had yet to meet, he said, “Sorry to keep you waiting all these years!” To which I replied that it was well worth the wait.

Thanks to Brad at Treehouse and Linda from Coastal Entertainment for arranging this great event. I am looking forward to Sunday’s event at Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club, and will be sure to post again.



One response to “Roger Howarth ~ Part 1”

  1. Dagny says :

    Thank you for this! I only know him from GH and OLTL. Loved him on both shows – although not the character on GH in the beginning.

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