Roger Howarth ~ Part 2

Today’s event was one I have been awaiting since the day Linda Rohe had begun teasing it. Roger Howarth at Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club in Point Pleasant, NJ, one of my favorite venues. As my regular readers know, I attended Roger’s Friday night event in CT, but that did not stop me from attending this event as planned.

The event began promptly at 10 AM and Roger entered the room to much fanfare. My first “AWESOME” moment of the day, Roger looked in my direction and said, “Hey! Eric!” Having only met the guy once, this was kind of a big deal. Some of the GH actors will look at fans they’ve met dozens of times and ask for their name.

Our table was in the section of the room that was called to go up and meet Roger first. I think he signed everything the fans put down in front of him, and he posed for tons and tons of photos. He even took some selfies.


Cannot stress enough how much of a gentleman Roger is. I wish all fans had taken advantage of this rare opportunity. It was well worth waiting many years to finally meet him.

After the meet and greet, Roger took no break and headed right to the stage where he did another humorous Q&A. Like Friday night’s show, Roger was brutally honest (in a positive way) and the fans walked away saying it was one of the best events ever.

As we filed out of the venue, Roger stood at the door and gave a thank you and took one last photo with each and every fan. A HUGE THANK YOU to Linda Rohe of Coastal Entertainment and Dino Ibelli of Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club for bringing Roger to his first fan event in 23 years. They are not just great people and friends, they are MIRACLE WORKERS!!!



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