Laura Prepon

A little late to the game on this one, but on Thursday, March 3, I made a regular visit to my favorite store, the NJ staple Bookends, for another great author signing. This evening’s special guest was Laura Prepon, leading lady from Orange Is the New Black and That ’70s Show.

Photos were guaranteed and the number of books sold capped to 300, so I reserved a copy of The Stash Plan in advance, something I seldom do. I arrived around 5-ish, the event began at 7. Laura arrived early, at 6, signed all of the books upstairs and then came downstairs promptly at 7 to begin posing for photos. Her co-author, Elizabeth Troy signed and distributed the books, and then we went over to Laura, who posed for lovely photo ops, a really nice touch. They had announced Laura would not sign any extra memorabilia, but I noticed that she did anyway.

Prepon, Laura

I told Laura that I would be captioning this photo as “Eric Meets Donna,” a nod to her That ’70s Show pairing with Topher Grace’s Eric Foreman character.

The event was one of the best Bookends has ever had, and the attendees, I believe there were 200, all seemed to be very happy. I was in line with some OITNB fans who had traveled two hours, and I’m sure they were not the only ones. Instagram was flooded with all of the awesome photo ops Laura did.

As always, a huge thank you to Walter and the staff at Bookends. This was a terrific production.



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