Monster-Mania Con 33

With a new job and appreciating the weekends now more than ever, I wasn’t sure I would take the two hour ride down to Cherry Hill for Monster-Mania Con 33. Inevitably, I did chose to go down on Saturday morning. The lineup for this show fluctuated a lot, and there were many cancellations and late add-ons. I went down for four names, and ended up getting five. The prices at this show are usually much lower than northern NJ shows, so it makes the drive and time spent well worth it.

The headliner was Scream and Scooby Doo star Matthew Lillard, but I got him at Monster-Mania Con 32, so I gladly skipped him and his mile-long line. Sarah Wayne Callies of The Walking Dead had a huge line, and so did Nightmare on Elm Street scream queen Heather Langenkamp. I have yet to watch an episode of The Walking Dead, so that entire entourage of actors means nothing to me, as did the gang from The Lost Boys. With the show centered around these mini-reunions, it was an easy in and out for me from the get-go.


Robert Carradine ~ I started off with Mr. Robert Carradine, a highly likable actor who played the role of Lewis Skolnick in the Revenge of the Nerds film series. To my generation, he was Hilary Duff’s father, Sam McGuire, on Lizzie McGuire. Involved in a very serious car accident one year ago, I believe this was Carradine’s first appearance marking a very successful recovery.



Abraham Benrubi ~ For 15 years, Benrubi played the role of Jerry Markovic, County General’s unique desk clerk on ER, one of my favorite shows. Abraham was such a great guy, and really, I could have met just him and said the trip down to Cherry Hill was well worth it. He took so much time with me, and we got to chat about ER, which I really enjoyed because so few of his costars are out on the circuit.


Alexandra Breckenridge ~ How could I drive all the way to Cherry Hill and not have my picture taken with a beautiful lady? Alexandra was my choice of the ladies this particular day, despite having never seen an episode of The Walking Dead or American Horror Story. And let’s just take a moment to admire that awesome t-shirt her husband brought her back from China.



Tony Todd ~ No stranger to the autograph circuit, somehow this was the first time I’ve met Tony. It was worth the wait. He was very down to earth and took time with everyone. And he is a great storyteller. For someone who was fired from the soap opera Loving for asking too many questions, I think he turned out to be a pretty damn good actor.


Danny Trejo ~ The longest wait of the day was for the ultimate movie bad ass Danny Trejo. Danny actually moved very quick through the large corral of fans, but everyone’s entitled to a lunch break. We were all quite taken aback at how tiny he really his, but still quite intimidating.

And fairly quickly, another Monster-Mania Con had come to a close for me and I soon found myself with plenty of money leftover and enjoying lunch down the road at the Cracker Barrel. It’s still too soon to know if I will be at the August show, but fingers crossed!!!


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