The Great Philadelphia Comic Con

With a free weekend on my lap and plenty of autograph opportunities in the area, I indulged myself. Competing with Chiller was The Great Philadelphia Comic Con, a large comic con event in Oaks, PA. While Chiller is predominantly adults and celebrity guests spanning the decades, Great Philly Con was geared towards family and included a set of celebrities geared more towards a younger generation. Needing a handful of names, I didn’t hesitate a bit and took the drive out there on Saturday, April 23.

First up was one of my first childhood crushes, Amy Jo Johnson, the original Pink Power Ranger. Amy Jo was the show’s special guest and was signing in a private room away from the main floor. Her line began forming prior to her arrival, but once she came in, it began to move quite quickly. She surprised everyone with table photos, but I had already purchased a professional photo op ticket, so I just got an autograph when I went into her room.

With about an hour left before my photo op with Amy Jo, I got the remaining stars I needed with no lines and plenty of time to chat.


Kel Mitchell ~ This show’s guest list really defined my childhood, and Kel Mitchell was no exception. If you couldn’t tell from his attire, he was one part of the comedy team Keenan and Kel and appeared in the series of the same name, as well as All That and Good Burger. He inquired about my Kermit the Frog tote bag, which I informed him I have had since he was appearing on All That.


Tim Rose ~ Tim is the performer inside the Admiral Ackbar costume in Star Wars – Return of the Jedi, Star Wars – The Force Awakens, and rumored to be in the new Star Wars due out in 2017. Not much of a convention regular, Tim has made many appearances this year with the hype of The Force Awakens‘ release.


Caroll Spinney ~ A dear man and friend, Caroll is of course Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street for 45 years. The 82 year old took a fall at home back in February and injured his left wrist, but it did not interfere with his signing abilities. He signed my copy of I Am Big Bird, as well as a rare, orange Oscar the Grouch Pop Vinyl figure. His lovely wife, Deb, joined us for this photo.


David Newell ~ Known as Mr. McFeely to generations of children, Newell is now the Public Relations Director for The Fred Rogers Company, which keeps the legacy of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood alive and on the air after all these years. Meeting Mr. McFeely was great, he was such a nice man. I got a signed photo, as well as a signed copy of his documentary film, Speedy Delivery. He also threw in some post cards and Neighborhood Trolley pens.

Lastly, it was time for the Amy Jo Johnson photo op. Unlike the photo op operation at Chiller the evening before, the 8×10 prints of these photos were ready and handed to us within a minute of departing the curtained area Amy Jo was in. Very professional and accommodating for the fans, especially myself, who hit the road as soon as it was in my hands.


Amy Jo Johnson ~ A childhood crush from the Power Rangers days, who has stayed with me and remained in my heart for all of the years. I cannot believe she is 45, and in fact old enough to be my mother!!! I will never accept that!!! It was a long time coming to meet Amy Jo, and it did not disappoint at all.

Overall, The Great Philadelphia Comic Con was a HUGE show, however, attendance was not nearly what I had expected. It was a fun time, and I hope that if it is held again next year, it is in my cards to attend. Now if you think that was it for the weekend, you have got another shock coming…


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One response to “The Great Philadelphia Comic Con”

  1. Michele says :

    Great write-ups Eric! It sounds like a fun & productive weekend! I would have loved to meet Max Baer given I had a crush on him when I was a kid watching him on The Beverly Hillbillies.

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