Genie Francis & Jacklyn Zeman

All future General Hospital events will have huge footsteps to follow. On June 4, Coastal Entertainment and Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club presented a historic event, Genie Francis & Jackie Zeman – Celebrating 39 Years of GH History!!! I have been to plenty of events with the veteran actors and heard them tell stories from the good old days, but this event blew all of those out of the park.

Originally set to be an event with Genie and onscreen son Tyler Christopher, Tyler backed out and Jackie was a last-minute replacement. And a damn good one!!! These longtime leading ladies began with an intimate meet and greet, visiting each table for a one-on-one chat and autographs & photos. For two of the most iconic GH stars, the crowd was quite small, allowing Genie and Jackie more time with each fan.

The amazing meet & greet was followed by an equally entertaining Q&A, where Genie & Jackie traded stories of GH tales of times gone by. Both women were honest, open, and downright compassionate about the series they have called home for 39 years, and the coworkers who have come and gone along the way. The most touching moment was Jackie’s recollections of John Beradino, Emily McLaughlin, Norma Connolly, and Shell Kepler. Genie echoed her sentiments and you could tell that even after all of the years, she really misses Beradino.


I hope Kin Shriner never sees this, he may hate me for getting in between his two leading ladies!!!

At the event’s conclusion, they posed for duo photo ops with the fans, and before leaving them, I turned and thanked them for the wonderful time I had. And a huge thanks to Dino and Linda for putting this event together, and here’s hoping we get more GH veterans on the road in the future!!!


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