Jamie Lee Curtis

She really needs no introduction. Halloween. The Fog. Prom Night. Terror Train. Roadgames. Trading Places. A Fish Called Wanda. Blue Steel. True Lies. Freaky Friday. Scream Queens. When I met her in 2012 at HorrorHound Weekend, I thought that would be the last time I’d ever see the forever-reigning scream queen in person. It was such a great event, I thought why spoil it by going to see her at a book signing where it would likely be a “sign and move on” event with little to no interaction with Jamie Lee. But then the staff of Bookends quietly posted to their Facebook page that she would indeed be posing for photos at her September 19 signing of her new childrens’ book, This Is Me. Now I was intrigued.

I casually detoured past Bookends on my way home from work and was surprised to see that at 5 o’clock, there was no line for the 7 o’clock signing, so I parked the car and went inside. I grabbed two copies of the book, one for me and one for a friend, and went downstairs. Jamie arrived shortly after and came down to discuss her game plan for the evening with the crowd already in attendance.

Since she was so early, Jamie would do two sessions – first, a special Q&A geared towards her career as an actress, not an author,  followed by signing our books and posing for pictures, getting us out by 6 when the press would arrive for the official reading of the book. She invited us to stay for the 6 o’clock session, but understood that we had been at work all day and wanted to get home for dinner with our families.

When the Q&A concluded, Jamie began signing and posing. She surprised everyone by taking time with everyone. A lot of time. As the line built upstairs, all of us early-birds received preferential treatment from Jamie. I always try my best to be courteous of the fans in line behind me, but upon learning that I had attended the HorrorHound show, Jamie launched into a discussion with me about her appearance and her sister & brother in-law’s documentary film, The Night She Came Home, chronicling that historic appearance.


I went home beaming. Jamie Lee Curtis was amazing, and the staff of Bookends outdid themselves. Before I left, I shook Walter’s hand and told him this very well could have been the best signing I have attended there.



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