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Rhode Island Comic Con 2016

Having attended RICC’s first three shows, missing just the fourth one, I thought I was due for a reappearance in 2016. This show is crazy, attendees run around like chickens with their heads cut off, but I f***ing love it. They always book that odd ensemble of guests that makes it great for autograph collectors. It’s a little pricier, but if you stay away from the stars in the main room, you can leave the show with a nice haul and a ton of table photo ops.

Having purchased my ticket just a few days earlier, I was able to bypass the line wrapped around the convention center and go right inside to the box office. Instead of then having to go back outside with ticket in hand and waiting in line, DDC staffers allowed us to go right inside the show. It was a nice little blip in the system.

After learning all of the big names were in the Dunkin Donuts Center, and everyone else was in the convention center, I headed into there. Mostly everyone was at their tables, and if they weren’t, they were trickling in at a steady pace.


Mena Suvari ~ Mena was part of a nice little American Pie reunion lineup along with Shannon Elizabeth, Thomas Ian Nicholas, and Tara Reid. Having already seen Shannon and Tara, I just needed her and Thomas. Mena was a sweetheart, and I believe this was one of her first convention appearances.


Gil Gerard ~ The Buck Rogers in the 25th Century star is no stranger to the convention circuit, and I’ve seen him around before, but I recently discovered an old TV movie of his – International Airport – that I wanted to discuss with him. Gil had forgotten about it at first, but was glad I brought it up. He fondly recalled it.


Thomas Ian Nicholas ~ Keeping up with the consistency of meeting his American Pie costars, I naturally got a signed 8×10 of him as Kevin. However, he was also in Halloween: Resurrection, so I brought along a screen grab of him as Bill Woodlake to sign as well.


Brent Spiner ~ Hard to believe it’s taken me so many years to finally meet this convention regular. As many of my wants for this show had canceled, I splurged a bit and got Brent on 8x10s from both Star Trek: The Next Generation and Independence Day. He also fondly recalled his time filming Out to Sea.


Nolan North ~ I’ll be the first to admit I doubted Nolan’s popularity greatly. To me, he’s Dr. Chris Ramsey from Port Charles and General Hospital, but to convention goers, he’s a huge video game voicover artist. He wasn’t even at his table yet when I got in his line, but when I realized how long it already was, I jumped right on it. I’d say the wait was for nearly an hour long. Never saw that coming. In the end, Nolan was great and loved that I had a Port Charles photo for him to sign.

In addition to the above, I also scored some signatures, but no photo ops from William Zabka and Michael Bell. For Zabka, I printed up a still from 1985’s European Vacation. He was floored that I had this photo. A convention regular, he has never signed one before. For Bell, I brought along a DVD from a movie in which he had a small role, 1977’s Rollercoaster. While he didn’t have¬†a big part in the movie, his signature looks beautiful on my DVD cover.

Overall, it was a great show and it was nice to return to my former residence of Providence, Rhode Island. I wish there had been a few more guests that I needed to see, but fingers crossed, next year’s lineup will be even better and I’ll once again make the trek up there.