Anna Kendrick

The week of November 14th was definitely one of those weeks where the staff of Bookends joked about locking me in the store for the week. I had three signings that week, all hosted by the flagship NJ bookstore. First up was Anna Kendrick, star of Pitch Perfect, The Accountant, Into the Woods, Up in the Air, and the Twilight saga.

I anticipated this would be a big one, so I wisely pre-ordered a copy for pickup the day of the signing. Since it’s been two and a half months since this signing, my memory is a bit foggy, but I believe they sold out of books with people still piling in the door. As President Trump would say, it was huge.

All of the books were pre-signed, and Anna focused on solely doing photo ops for the crowd. I hope everyone walked away happy and pleased, because I know I did.


As always, a big thank you to Walter and the staff of Bookends. This was a mighty feat to pull off, and as always, they were more than capable of doing so!!!



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