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East Coast Comic Con

East Coast Comic Con is a¬†show that has been around for a while, but despite being just 25 minutes from the house, was never really on my radar. That all changed when “Gilligan’s Island” star Dawn Wells was added to the lineup. Dawn could go a local show every weekend, and I’d line up for her each time. So, on Sunday, April 30, I headed down to the Meadowlands Expo Center for my first East Coast Comic Con.

Dawn had no line, so it did not take long for me to get her, which is when I moved on to the cast from “Lost in Space“. I’ve seen this ensemble at shows numerous times over the years, but other than Mark Goddard, never got any of them. They all had $30 combo prices, so I finally acted on it this time around.


Dawn Wells ~ I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’ll line up for the “Gilligan’s Island” star every time she does a show here. I’ll always get that updated photo op, and a new 8×10 off her table. I just think she’s terrific.


Angela Cartwright ~ While I chose to stick with the theme and get a “Lost in Space” 8×10, it should be noted that Angela was Brigitta Vin Trapp in The Sound of Music, as well as Linda Williams on “The Danny Thomas Show.”


Marta Kristen ~ What can I say about the actress who portrayed the eldest Robinson child? Everyone knows I’ve always had a weakness for blondes.


Bill Mumy ~ He’s iconic for his role on “Lost in Space“, c’mon, who doesn’t know “Danger, Will Robinson!” and “The Twilight Zone“, but the role of his that makes me chuckle the most – Googie Miller in “The Munsters“, Episode 25 – “Come Back, Little Googie.”


Mark Goddard ~ While he wasn’t posing for table photos, I didn’t want to leave Mark out of this post, so here’s a picture of us at another show in 2012. Despite having met him in the past and gotten the full combo back then, I did get a new 8×10 headshot for the collection.

Luckily, I was able to get the Lost in Space cast all in a matter of 15 minutes, before their 11:30 panel. I had literally just walked in the door, and still had plenty of cash – so I decided to get photos with two attendees that I had previously only obtained autographs from – Ernie Hudson and Kevin Nash.


Ernie Hudson ~ Despite being a convention regular, and somewhat of a price gauger – Ernie always has a decent line. The amount of Ghostbusters merchandise that is being produced certainly helps keep his business at these shows lucrative.


Kevin Nash ~ The WWE Hall of Famer has always been a favorite of mine since his days alongside Hogan and Hall in the NWO. He recognized my shirt as being from Tommy Bahama, a favorite clothier of his.

I was in and out of this show in an hour’s time. The vendor items were not of much interest to me, although I did spend time looking for a standout piece, but given its close proximity to the house, reasonable prices, and no lines – I would definitely consider returning to East Comic Con in 2018!!!