Maurice Benard

On July 9, I braved the summer traffic and took a ride down to one of my favorite venues – Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club in Pt. Pleasant, for a special appearance by Maurice Benard, the General Hospital star not seen on the east coast in over five years. In the past, you could not have paid me to attend Maurice’s events, which then resembled cattle runs. However, I knew Dino & Linda would put on a great show as always, and it did not disappoint in the slightest.

I knew Maurice’s line would be impassable at General Hospital Fan Club Weekend, as it always is, so this was really the best chance for me to see him in a relaxed, non-rushed setting. He was really cool, posed for photos, and signed two items per person. And I am sure that if I had more, he would have signed them. This was the best I have seen Maurice at a fan event in years.


As always, thank you to my friends Dino from Uncle Vinnie’s and Linda from Coastal Entertainment, and Maurice, Paula, and their family for making the trek to New Jersey. It was a great event, and we all look forward to Maurice returning to the east coast in the future.



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