General Hospital Fan Club Weekend 2017- Part 2

Friday was weak day when it came to events. Lisa LoCicero & Dominic Zamprogna hosted a breakfast event, Nancy Lee Grahn did one around dinnertime, and the grand finale of the day began at 9 PM. My only event for the day, Legendary Bingo, was hosted by the family that puts the fun in dysfunctional – the Quartermaines. Wally Kurth (Ned) led the event, and was joined by family matriarch, and 40-year veteran cast member Leslie Charleson (Monica), Chad Duell (Michael), and Robert Palmer Watkins (Dillon). I would estimate that there were easily 150 fans in attendance, making it the largest of the individual events, and by far the craziest. For those unfamiliar with the concept of “legendary bingo,” the host is a drag queen. This event was strictly for adults with the content being a tad risqué compared to all of the other GHFCW events, not to mention that the liquor was flowing freely and the actors were taking advantage of it. The actors took turns each calling two of the first eight games, with the drag queen going solo for games nine & ten, which is when the actors began the meet & greet.

DSCN4004 (3)

Leslie Charleson “Dr. Monica Quartermaine” ~ I cannot say enough wonderful things about this longtime leading lady, who is celebrating her 40th anniversary at GH this month. Leslie’s appearances at GHFCW are sporadic – this was her first time attending since 2011, so many attendees had never met her, and those who had were extremely excited to see her return. I heard one fan say that she was the “MVP of the weekend,” and I must agree. What can I say? I’ve always been partial to blondes.

DSCN4006 (2)

Chad Duell “Michael Quartermaine” ~ Having attended GHFCW for eight years in a row, Chad’s line was the shortest of the four as he has always been more accessible than the rest. I never miss him though, and he was really touched that I wore my ELQ shirt of the occasion.

DSCN4008 (2)

Wally Kurth “Ned Quartermaine” ~ Wally was admittedly pretty drunk by the time I got to him, but unlike some of his costars, he is a fun drunk, and has a great rapport with all of his fans. While the handlers were trying to tell the fans that he would be signing and posing the next day at the luncheon, Wally insisted on taking care of everyone that night. They paid to see him and he would honor that.

DSCN4011 (2)

Robert Palmer Watkins “Dillon Quartermaine” ~ As I said in my previous post, Rob attended the Kick-off, but I skipped him as I knew I would see him at this. Another actor who I have no shortage of autographs from or photos with, it is always nice to catch up with Rob.

Scheduled to end at 12 AM, the actors were there well past 12 making sure the fans were all taken care of. In the days following, all FCW attendees would agree that Legendary Bingo with the Quartermaines was the best event of the weekend, and everyone looks forward to attending again in 2018.

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