General Hospital Fan Club Weekend 2017- Part 4

Sunday was a big day event wise with six of them on the agenda. I attended the first two. Kelly Monaco’s event, aptly titled Donuts & Girl-talk was first up. Kelly had invited Billy Miller, T.K. Weaver, and the Andonian Twins to do the event with her, but Billy declined as to not wanting to take the spotlight off of her, and she later thought having the kids there may not be the best idea. So, she flew solo and rocked the Q&A. Her responses were compassionate, thought out and well received.


Kelly Monaco “Sam Morgan” ~ Definitely not our first photo together, and most likely not the last. I was at an event one time and a handler had put a post-it note on the photo I had to be signed, and Kelly tore it off and said, “Did they really think I needed this?” I look kinda derpy in this one, but Kelly looks flawless.

After Kelly’s, I had a little bit of time before another annual event which I attend every year – The BFF Event with Kirsten Storms and Emme Rylan. I promise I will not gush over these two because my regular readers have heard it all before. I think they are both lovely, young ladies, they’re great, and I will never miss one of their events. I think our photos together really say it all.


Emme Rylan “Lulu Spencer-Falconeri” ~ This woman gave birth just weeks before this photo was taken, and she was the best looking woman in the room. I wish I had the energy!!!


Kirsten Storms “Maxie Jones” ~ Not much to say that has not already been said. I think this might be my favorite photo of us together from over the years.

DSCN4083 (2)

Kirsten & Emme ~ A perfect way to cap off the weekend!!!

And that was all she wrote for me. There were several other events that day – Kathleen Gati’s, Michelle Stafford and James Patrick Stuart’s, Bradford Anderson’s, and Karaoke hosted by Lexi Ainsworth, Ryan Carnes, Dioni Michelle Collins, and Marc Anthony Samuel. A couple of events were even held on Monday – Carolyn Hennesy’s and Marc Anthony Samuel’s.

As always, I have to wrap up with an appreciation post for the wonderful crew that puts this event together. Debbie Morris, the longtime president of the GH Fan Club, and event coordinator extraordinaire, is one of the most selfless people I know. Fan Club Weekend is not something that gets set up on Thursday morning, and by Monday afternoon, it is packed up and everyone is heading home. The coordination, hauling, meetings, placements, etc., are pulled off like a fine dance, and we have Debbie to thank for that. And always at her side are two more amazing young ladies – Claire Mullan and Michelle DeMoss. While Debbie is a resident of the Lone Star State, Claire and Michelle are Californians, and therefore act as the liaisons to both the studio and hotel. Putting an event of this size together is not easy feat, but these ladies have it down to a science, and while I am sure they may have rested for a day or two afterwards, they are already at working putting together General Hospital Fan Club Weekend 2018 – A Celebration of 55 Years.


But as they say, it takes a village. Debbie, Claire, and Michelle have a great team of volunteers. Part of the fun of attending GHFCW each year is seeing all of you!!!

Peter & John

And a very special thanks for all the great years to all our gone but not forgotten friends!!! (To Peter & John – we wish you guys were still here with us!!!)

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