Charlotte Flair

On September 21, 2017, I made that favorite little drive over to Bookends for former WWE Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair. Charlotte co-authored a book, Second Nature, with her father, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, whose health prevented him from the book tour. They advertised posed photos and no signed memorabilia, however I brought along my Wrestlemania 29 program just in case. When I got to the store, they advised me to fetch it from the car, as there was the possibility she would indeed sign extras.

Charlotte came in, started quickly, did nice poses, and signed extras!!! A number of us had extras, but not everyone, which kept the line moving. As is the standard for WWE superstars, extra time was spent with the children attendees, but I support that as I was once a kid attending Bookends signings to meet my favorite superstars.


As a little throwback, here’s me with Ric Flair, at Bookends, back in 2005. Talk about coming full circle…

Flair, Ric (3)

I may not be the avid WWE viewer that I once was, but I love it when Bookends brings in active WWE superstars, because it never disappoints. Hope to attend another one soon!!!


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